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Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Thank you for this thread.

Too much "woulda, shoulda, coulda" and "Fire (person)!!!" threads.

The dude bugged me to no end this year, but I still think that he gets resigned. The Steelers have repeatedly stated that their primary goal is to re-sign him... and I see it being given a legitimate attempt. I see him (finally) accepting that original offer: 5 years, $50 million.

He is priority #1 in "my" mind. I think that eh is more important than Wallace... but, I think that he is the second FA that they target (after Wallace). 5 years, $37 million.

NT is debatable. So is LG (if The Colon i released, then LG could be a target).

OLB should be addressed, and ILB could be addressed.

Both safety positions need to be addressed, and this is the year to do it (although, I only see one being drafted this year).

CB... I like the CBs, but only if Keenan is brought back. Ike has one more year in him, and Keenan & Cortez are the future. Curtis Brown has shown flashes of being capable, but also moments of WTF!?! I could see a late-round CB being taken, to fill in and/or fight for the fourth CB spot.

I am not a fan of Spinny, but he has moments where he looks great. Dwyer I like, but he can not play an entire series, let alone an entire game. Redman has shown flashes.

The options appear to be: "RB by committee" or "draft a full-time starter."

I say use the RB by committee for one more year, and draft Marcus Lattimore (& rest him for a year). Why? AP came back better... and Lattimore's knee injury was twice as bad... so... he should come back twice as good (like 2,300 yards... right?).

There is some tongue in cheek, but I am quasi-serious about Lattimore.
Where does this 87 million come from?
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