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Default Re: Tomlin and Ben are killing the franchise

You talk about Manning being an elite QB, and he certainly is; but he threw the losing interception in the SB againt the Saints. He threew it right to the defender. Does that make Peyton a franchise losing QB? He cost his team the SB, if you want to look at it that way. Ben is such a bad QB some of you say, but he has 2 SB rings to Peytons 1, and Bree's 1, and Rodgers 1.

You say Ben should thank the Steelers he is a member, and thank them for the rings? If it weren't for Ben extending plays; we would have never even been there. Our OL is virtually decimated every year by playoff time. If Brady, Manning, Brees, ect took the beatings that Ben takes during the year; they wouldn't be so strong during the game either. Ben takes a friggin' beating every year. You know what; I'm thru defending Ben; think what you want, but I'm glad we have him. He may not be THE best; but he is an elite NFL QB, that's tough as nails.
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