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Default Re: Tomlin and Ben are killing the franchise

Originally Posted by SteelCurtainCall View Post
You talk about Manning being an elite QB, and he certainly is; but he threw the losing interception in the SB againt the Saints. He threew it right to the defender. Does that make Peyton a franchise losing QB? He cost his team the SB, if you want to look at it that way. Ben is such a bad QB some of you say, but he has 2 SB rings to Peytons 1, and Bree's 1, and Rodgers 1.

You say Ben should thank the Steelers he is a member, and thank them for the rings? If it weren't for Ben extending plays; we would have never even been there. Our OL is virtually decimated every year by playoff time. If Brady, Manning, Brees, ect took the beatings that Ben takes during the year; they wouldn't be so strong during the game either. Ben takes a friggin' beating every year. You know what; I'm thru defending Ben; think what you want, but I'm glad we have him. He may not be THE best; but he is an elite NFL QB, that's tough as nails.
Ben has never won a superbowl without a top 10 defense. Aikman and Montana never won a superbowl without a top 10 defense either. What made the Niners and the Cowboys a dynasty is that they were able to provide their teams with top 10 offenses as well.

P Manning is an ironman. He played in over 220 consecutive games. Sorry he doesn't fit your model of "toughness." Go watch clips of Brady getting hit. He gets ROCKED and pops back up like nothing happened. Spare me your folklore.

Ben is not killing the franchise. No one is killing the franchise. That is ludicrous.

Ben is dividing the team. The offensive side of the ball is filled with young players. They will improve and the offense will improve with them. Ben questioning coaches sets a TERRIBLE example. Roethlisberger has never been a leader and he is continuing to be the opposite. His intangibles SUCK.

If Roethlisberger never gave another interview I would be ECSTATIC. If he has something to say to Haley say it to his FACE. Roethlisberger is almost as bad/dumb as Mendenhall. And I know how much everyone likes Mendenhall.
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