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Default Re: The Myth of Terry Bradshaw

I want wins. I want Roethlisberger reined in just as Haley is doing. I want an offense that relies more on short passes. The Steelers choose passing plays a higher percentage of the time than the Pats, Broncos or Packers. The teams with the elite quarterbacks still run responsible offenses that try to move the chains without turning the ball over. The Pats offense is the best in the league and is all short passes.
Oh please. Stop comparing the Steelers' offense to those offenses. The Steelers don't want to be like them. Those teams try to score and win the game early, the Steelers just try to sit on the ball and hope Ben can pull a miracle out of his ass in the last two minutes. If you want long possessions and ball control, this offense will not put up points. And with Haley's terrible play calling, Brady and Manning would get killed dealing with all those 3rd & longs.

The consensus on these boards seems to be that the offense is faltering because Ben isn't throwing enough. It is an absurd position. The offense is faltering due to injuries and Ben's regression. At the beginning of the season Ben was releasing the ball quickly. After he got hurt he was forcing plays and holding onto the ball. When Ben is stressed he tries to do too much. Period.
Learn to read. The consensus was they need to take more shots down field to stretch the field. Other teams caught onto the fact the Steelers were just playing Marty ball and Haley did nothing to adjust.

The 6 teams who threw the ball the most are out of the playoffs. 4 of the 5 teams who ran the most are in the playoffs. The Niners only pass 47% of the time and they were my choice to win the superbowl until they started a qb controversy.
The 49ers weren't going to win with Alex Smith for the same reason the Steelers didn't win anything in the 90's.

Get back to Steelers football! Steelers football will ALWAYS be establish the run/stop the run. Period! How insane to hear people criticize the Steelers for lack of identity! There is ONE Steelers identity and it was established by Franco Harris, Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, Jerome Bettis, Hines Ward etc.

Even our WRs hit! That is the Steelers way!
Then don't bitch when the offense doesn't put up points like the Patriots and Broncos. The Steelers want to remain a defensive team, and thus the offense's top priority will not be to score, but to possess.
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