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Default Re: Realistic Coaching Changes

If Haley leaves would Kirby Wilson not be a candidate, I mean he was before his injury last year. I am not in love with Haleys concepts but I would rather have him another year and try to get some cohesiveness. Three OC in three years, not a good idea. Still think him and Ben can meet in the middle after this first year, if both are stubborn then we will see more of this past year. Haley reminded me of Arians alot other than the deep ball, when Arians did run he would run on first down or not at all. Remember Jets playoffs, ran the ball first half, Jets adjusted and Arians ran first two downs on every series second half and forced Ben to have to pass on third down. Jacksonville playoff game, Ben throw 3 picks first half, comes all the way back and takes the lead and we are one first down from closing out the game and Arians runs three straight times and the rest is history.
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