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Default Re: Is wrong That I hate the Cheats more than the Rats

I think bandwagon fans just naturally inspire hate for their teams. I despised the Cowboys because of their fans in the 90's who were everywhere and all of course claiming to be fans of the team since the ancient days I live in Massachusetts and I'm sure all of those people are probably "long time Patriot fans" now, too.

But I definitely don't think that reflects on the local New England fan base. Every area has lots of people who just float with whatever team they think is stylish or fun to watch or championship contenders.

People take a lot of shots at Patriot fans for being a bandwagon fan base and non existent before 2011. That simply isn't true. I went to the old Foxboro stadium twice when I was a little kid and I remember that crummy little stadium being packed and loud, and that was in the 80's.

I became a fan in 1993/1994 when I really started watching football (13/14 years old) and the Patriots were on the rise with the Bledsoe / Tuna era. I remember plenty of Patriot fans.
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