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Default Re: Is wrong That I hate the Cheats more than the Rats

Anyway, in my opinion, the Patriots are worthy of much more Steeler hate then the Ravens are.

It's an indisputable FACT that Tom Brady owns the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Owns. Isn't his all time record against you like 8-2 or something? With most of those victories coming in the form of 35+ points against the vaunted Pittsburgh defense?

What's Baltimore honestly REALLY done to warrant even being in the same category of hate as the Patriots? Linger in your division? Borrow the division title every once in awhile?

My all time favorite season against the Steelers came in the lead up to our third Superbowl. You broke our game winning streak and then one of your players started yelling ony our field that the Patriots aren't on your level.

In the play offs, later that year, after shutting down Peyton's Colts, went into Heinz Field and ended your season on the way to our Dynasty trophy.

That was when my hate for the Steelers was at its greatest. That year and every year that followed until 2012.

The Ravens? Really?

If you're going to hate anyone. hate us.
Cause' you're not on our level.
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