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Default Re: The Myth of Terry Bradshaw

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post

So in your fantasy world you say that Ben is better than Brees and is an elite, top 5 qb; but I am not allowed to compare the offensive production of those teams.

Who should the Steelers take shots down the field to? Mike "I forgot how to catch some time last year" Wallace isn't a viable option at this point. Brown and Sanders run their 5-15 yard routes as is their strength. Somehow Haley's offense still has the second most 20+ yard pass plays in the entire league when Ben gets injured. So what is your problem with the playcalling????? How did the Steelers manage to get so many 20+ yard pass plays without trying?????

Marty ball is smart football. Marty had top 10 scoring offenses in 10 of his 21 seasons as a head coach. Marty only had 2 losing seasons as a head coach. Marty is the 6th winningest coach in NFL history and he did it mostly with the Browns and the Chiefs. "Didn't win superbowls!!! Blah blah blah!!!" is coming. I know that. I guess that's what he gets for playing in an era dominated by the NFC. How many superbowls did Cowher win in the 90s? Who do you think qualifies as a legitimate superpower NFL team nowadays?

The Steelers under Arians were TRYING to put up points like the Colts and Pats - THAT IS WHY ARIANS STOLE THEIR EMPTY BACKFIELD OFFENSES AND WR SCREENS. THAT IS THE ENTIRE POINT!!! IT DID NOT WORK!!! The Steelers under Arians tried to change their entire identity as a team - the Rooneys are now trying to change it back.

It is Steelers team, decades of tradition, decades of empirical knowledge, playing to the personnel on the team vs let Ben be Ben and pretend he is elite.

The Rooneys ARE trying to make Ben be Ben. They drafted him to be what he is- a dropback quarterback who is excellent at playaction/improvising not a shotgun superstar.

The Steelers organization knows what Ben is even if you don't.

The Steelers tried to mimic the Colts and Patriots with those WR screens and a downfield passing game under Arians. Except that Arians and Ben forgot that running those kinds of offenses takes a lot of work that Ben (unsurprisingly) was just not willing to put in. Running those offenses requires a lot of responsibility, and as we all know, responsibility isn't one of Ben's strong suits. There were some mutterings out of the Steelers locker room since his rookie years that Ben has a lazy streak about him (first guy out of the locker room), and it's showing through.

Like yeah, Ben wants to throw the ball like the big boys do, but didn't wanna do the little nuances that require it to be truly successful. Like accuracy, timing, rhythm, and more importantly, getting the ball out quickly. Ben was just relying on raw ability and doing nothing else. The results: A constantly mediocre offense that flashed on occasion and did very little else, as the Defense was stuck having to do the dirty work. The Steelers don't sniff Super Bowls XLIII and XLV without the Defense. The first season the offense being absolutely terrible and the latter being mediocre.
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