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Default Re: The Myth of Terry Bradshaw

Originally Posted by Twentyvalve View Post
And Ben with the Patriots or the Packers?

I think the Brady and company would be hobbled by our offensive system. You see, the Patriots for example, actually design and execute plays with the intention of scoring.Even deep in their own territory. Not moving the ball 3 yards at a time for 3 points.
Here is one now. Hello, sir. It appears that you feel the playcalling is holding Roethlisberger back. If you have time to read my previous remark could you please tell me what you attribute the Broncos offensive success this season to? Is the switch from Tebow to Peyton Manning the cause for the 11 point per game increase in scoring or is it their offensive playcalls?

Is the offensive coordinator the key to an offense or is it the quarterback?

Are you aware that Josh McDaniels was being called the worst offensive coordinator in the NFL when he was with the Rams and is now directing the league's best offense with the Patriots? Did McDaniels become a football genius overnight or is Brady responsible for his success?

Are you aware that Mike Martz was fired from Chicago because he couldn't put up points with Jay Cutler? Are you aware that the following season the Bears put up even fewer points despite acquiring Brandon Marshall (Cutler's old teammate and bonafide NFL star)?

Hypothetically, if a couple of regular guys like you and me were in the NFL: would an NFL offense quarterbacked by yourself and coordinated by Tom Moore be better or worse than an NFL offense quarterbacked by Tom Brady and coordinated by me? Would you put up more points than Tom Brady because you have a genius OC? Or would Brady put up more points while I babbled nonsense into his headset?
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