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Default Re: The Myth of Terry Bradshaw

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
The Packers are 15th in pass play %, the Pats and Broncos are 20th and 21st respectively. The Steelers are 13th. Do the other teams get more attempts? Sure because they are actually able to sustain drives. The Steelers run more passing plays per attempt than the teams that actually have an elite qb THE DIFFERENCE IS THE OTHER QBS ACTUALLY SUSTAIN DRIVES. Needed to point out my main point since reading comprehension is low on this board.

The Steelers have not had a solid run game since Whisenhunt left. Arians and Tomlin decided to "arm Ben with weapons." The entire Steeler philosophy has been hijacked to appease Ben. They only last year started focusing on the OL.

If Mendenhall had been healthy this year and Tomlin had not engaged in a pissing match with him; the Steelers would have had a viable rushing attack. "Haley didn't have a ground game with 6th round picks running behind an inexperienced line- get rid of Haley!"
Do you even read your own posts. first you state other Qbs sustain drives, yet after 9 games Ben was leading the league in 3rd down conversion, that is sustaining drives.

Next you say the offense has been designed to appease Ben yet Haley was brought in to bring back the glory days of pound the rock.

Then you even admit (whether you meant to or not) that the Run game sucked, because we did not have the talent( a fact I have pointed out numerous times)

So Ben and a team that at one time was 2nd in the league in TOP and 3rd down conversions could not sustain drives(BTW they were 2nd in TOP last year too). You want to down Ben for a lack of run game but you admit we did not have the tools necessary. You on a roll again, sorry I went yo bed, I could of had a field day with this kind of reasoning.
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