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Default An Apology to Arians! I Was Wrong!

I was as vocal as anyone at the end of last season in expressing the need for Arians to be replaced.

It is another year later and the offensive production is almost exactly the same.

This has caused me to look at where blame is being placed on the offense. I had previously believed that Arians was a poor fit for the team and that Roethlisberger would flourish under new direction. I was wrong.

I took a look at some of the other coordinators around the league. I asked myself: how much of an effect does an offensive coordinator really have?

I stumbled on an article from Bleacher Report. It named Josh McDaniels as the worst offensive coordinator in the NFL last year. McDaniels was the OC for the St Louis Rams in 2011. The Rams anemic offense produced only 12 points per game, rotating qbs as their underperforming starter, Sam Bradford, was injured. I wondered how much of that poor performance should lie at the feet of the OC.

I looked at where Josh McDaniels was this year. He received an offer from Bill Belichek to be the Patriots' OC at the beginning of 2012. Why would Belichek hire the worst OC in football if he is a football genius like sportscasters keep claiming? I found it odd... that is until I kept researching. It turns out Belichek was right and that the cause of the Rams offensive woes was not the OC!

With the Patriots Josh McDaniels offense score an astounding 36 ppg! That is triple what his offense had produced the year before! It turns out that having a star quarterback made all the difference! Josh McDaniels went from being the worst OC in football to being the best OC in football and all it took was a new quarterback!

In conclusion, I now realise that every OC does the best with what they have. Their error likely lies in the perception they have of their own talent as that determines their identity and game plans.

I am sorry Bruce. You did the best you could with what you were given- an underachieving QB, a shoddy OL and headcases for RBs and WRs. I am pleased to see that your new team is doing quite well under your offense, and wish you the best in the future.

Abashedly, Lloyd.
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