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Default Re: Who to draft in 2013?

Originally Posted by Kingmagyar View Post
Does anyone know the compensatory picks the Steelers would get if and when Mike Wallace and Mendenhall sign elsewhere. I'm assuming there would be at least one third rounder in there plus something else. Two 3's maybe would be awesome.

Not sure how it all works but we could get quite a few picks actually with guys like Starks, Hampton, or any more of the 17 Unrestricted Free Agents we have signing elsewhere.

However does it even apply to the 2013 draft? or is it the one after that?
This explains the process.

Compensatory picks
In addition to the 32 selections in each of the seven rounds, a total of 32 compensatory picks are awarded to teams that have lost more or better compensatory free agents than they signed in the previous year.[58] Teams that gain and lose the same number of players but lose higher-valued players than they gain also can be awarded a pick, but only in the seventh round, after the other compensatory picks. Compensatory picks cannot be traded, and the placement of the picks is determined by a proprietary formula based on the player's salary, playing time, and postseason honors with his new team, with salary being the primary factor. So, for example, a team that lost a linebacker who signed for $2.5 million per year in free agency might get a sixth-round compensatory pick, while a team that lost a wide receiver who signed for $5 million per year might receive a fourth-round pick. awarded at the ends of Rounds 3 through 7
If fewer than 32 such picks are awarded, the remaining picks are awarded in the order in which teams would pick in a hypothetical eighth round of the draft (These are known as "supplemental compensatory selections").
Compensatory picks are awarded each year at the NFL annual meeting which is held at the end of March; typically, about three or four weeks before the draft.
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