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Default Re: The Myth of Terry Bradshaw

You know I hear Elite this and Elite that, I hear there are only 4 Elite QBs, I disagree, I have said there are 2 and then everyone else. Ben is not Peyton, or Brady, who is?, Ben does not play on a team like the Saints who have put all their cap eggs into the offense, who is led by an offensive minded coach. Rodgers is a special QB, and yet he was bounced from the playoffs early last year and lost to a KC team, and they have lost their share this year as well. Eli has benefited from his defense more than any other QB in both of his SB wins,(although I will say his play up to the SB in the playoffs was great).

Yet these QB are all people trot out when downing Ben . Does it matter that I could pull up stats and numbers that show Ben is at least in the equation of being a 5-7 QB, no his detractors point to his first SB ,but not his play in the playoffs. Does it matter if he had a new OC and a new system,(that I agree he likely did not buy into) no, But Haley is right and Ben is always wrong in these peoples eyes. No thought at all that the defenses caught up with Haleys plan. They blame Ben for the lack of a running game, while Ben would be the person to most benefit from a running game, yet the numbers show we were very poor at the run. The reason there is not as many attempts is it was ineffective, the same theory that people use to bash Arians for his pass first offense, it was not as effective. Bens play through his first 9 years is unlike any we have seen as Steeler Fans, His numbers, team wins are better than nearly any other QB, Two SBs that I promise you he had something to do with.

Ben is compared to Peyton and Brady and Terry Bradshaw because he has earned the right to be in those type of conversations. When Ben is through he will have almost every QB record of this franchise ( except SB wins unless the team returns to form) .I think most of this type of hate comes not from his play on the field but form the hatred of his personality (not a factor to me since all I care for is Steeler wins) his off field issues, ( once again not an issue for me since basically no proof, and no attacks substantiated., ) and finally he is not Steeler Football. This last one is what baffles me the most, he has played hurt, (real not imagined) he has played hard nosed, running many times for first downs, throwing blocks, and fighting for a chance to make a play when the OL was as bad as it could get.(The Arizona SB we had the worst line in the NFL, not me, but According to the NFL). I do not know what more some could want, bad years happen to most teams even with so called elite QBs, Saints Giants anyone. A bad year does not condemn hm to this trade, get rid of BS. But what a bad year does is give all the haters the ammunition they feel they need and the God given right to bash the Steeler QB, not like it has not been done before and done better more than likely.
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