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Default Re: The Myth of Terry Bradshaw

Originally Posted by Ricco Suavez View Post
Do you even read your own posts. first you state other Qbs sustain drives, yet after 9 games Ben was leading the league in 3rd down conversion, that is sustaining drives.

Next you say the offense has been designed to appease Ben yet Haley was brought in to bring back the glory days of pound the rock.

Then you even admit (whether you meant to or not) that the Run game sucked, because we did not have the talent( a fact I have pointed out numerous times)

So Ben and a team that at one time was 2nd in the league in TOP and 3rd down conversions could not sustain drives(BTW they were 2nd in TOP last year too). You want to down Ben for a lack of run game but you admit we did not have the tools necessary. You on a roll again, sorry I went yo bed, I could of had a field day with this kind of reasoning.
Drives can also be sustained by picking up first downs on 1st and 2nd down. Sustaining drives is measured in first downs not in 3rd down conversion percentage.

This is possibly why Steelers were 17th in 1st downs/game. (Pats 1st, Broncos 3rd, Saints 5th, Packers 7th). That rounds out the elite qbs nicely. All top 10 once again just like the points they score year after year.

Can I expect an apology in the near future? Or will you dogmatically pursue your agenda of attacking the Steelers to preserve the illusion of Ben?

The personnel of the Steelers offense was designed to appease Ben. Yes it was. Tomlin spoke of "arming Ben with weapons" and then drafted Mendenhall and Sweed in his first year. You know... the year of Ben's tall wr comments? Do you consider Limas tall at 6-4? Is there any correlation between Tomlin's "arming with weapons" comments, Ben's "tall wr" comments and the 2008 NFL draft selection of a tall wr? Mike Wallace was drafted the following year, and Brown and Sanders the year after that. Having Ward, Wallace, Brown, Sanders, Miller, and Mendenhall on the team was done specifically to surround Ben with "weapons." This team was built around Ben he has had EVERY opportunity to succeed.
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