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Default Re: An Apology to Arians! I Was Wrong!

I'm sorry, did you just compare the St. Louis Rams to the New England Patriots? Let's break that down for a second. The Rams have Sam Bradford as their staring Quarterback and the Patriots have arguably the best Quarterback to ever take a snap.

It's not hard to call plays for Brady. Most of the time he'll just audible out of it and call his own plays. The Pats are most successful when they're in the 2 minute offense and Brady is calling his own plays and running the offense.

You have to realize that this comparison is ridiculous. Anyone could coordinate for Brady and put up fucking insane numbers. He's - in my opinion - the best Quarterback to ever do it and you're bringing up the fact that Ben can't put up similar numbers? For the love of God you have to realize that this isn't even a lucid comparison.

Here's the simple fact of the matter - Stats. Don't. Mean. Anything. Would you trade Ben's playoff wins and rings for Matt Ryan's stats? Or Manning's stats? He doesn't put up flashy numbers or insane yardage because he doesn't have to. He knows how to win games and knows how to come back in the fourth quarter to win games. We're going to forget all of this because of a down season? Really? People are paying way too much attention to numbers so I'll give you numbers:

Matt Ryan - 0-3 in the postseason

Peyton Manning - 9-10 in the postseason

Ben Roethlisberger - 10-4 in the postseason

I already know what people are going to come on here saying: "don't make team achievements personal achievements!!!!!!!11!" and I say nay sir. Elite Quarterbacks know how to win playoff games and championships - something Matt Ryan knows nothing about.

Is Stafford a better quarterback than Ben? I mean, he's put up some pretty good yardage in the last couple seasons. Should we trade for Stafford and shit all over Roethlisberger because he doesn't pass for 300+ a game? Or, should we recognize that we have a top 5 quarterback and stop bitching about him.

Also, Ben is an underachieving Quarterback? He has two Super Bowl rings. What the fuck else does this guy have to do to earn respect from the fans in this town? Ask 30 other teams if they want Roethlisberger and they'd jump at the chance. I'm in shock that there's a sect of Steelers fans that actually think like this. It's absolutely ridiculous.

Lloyd, we've started to agree on a lot of things recently but this is laughable.
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