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Default Re: An Apology to Arians! I Was Wrong!

Originally Posted by Ricco Suavez View Post
Finally a post I can in good conscience agree with nearly every point. I agree Ben is lost, but i think the FO contributed to that by asking him to revamp his game, a style that has been productive so far. I agree that Haleys game plan has the potential to work, ( I just do not believe we have had a healthy line or the RBs needed to do it) Haleys game plan was starting to show results even after a shaky start, (those first 3 losses were not entirely on the offense though). I still believe that both parties need to compromise, we need WRs that will catch and hold on to the ball, we need a defense that creates some TO's (24th in the league) we need some defensive and ST scores (1 this year and 2 last year, Chicago had 9 this year and TB while last in defense manage 3 on defensive alone) We need a running game that does not disappear, a RB that can get some tough yards yet can break it outside occasionally, even catch a ball now and then. Would love to have a Marshall Faulk type but they do not show up every day, we have what we have. I believe the Wr just had that type of year that a lot went wrong, still believe in most of them, not ready to throw them away because they are not CJ, Fitz, and not ready to give up[ on our QB just because he is not Peyton or Brady.
Yeah my true opinion is a lot more moderate than I pretend. I like playing devil's advocate and I also feel you have to fight fire with fire some times. A lot of good dialogue has come from my persistent agitation.

I think Haley is more than willing to throw the ball when required. Ben was throwing the ball 36 times per game. That is a lot. The difference is TEs and RBs are now targeted much more often. I expect another TE and RB to be drafted on day 2.

The defense is not as good as it was. Harrison and Polamalu carried the D for a lot of years and they are fading. It is damn lucky that Timmons is stepping up now and it looks like C Allen will also. Turnovers are huge issue but they won't be generated without a better pass rush. LeBeau did a nice job dialing up inside pressure but the OLBs have to produce! (GoFor7 saying Woodley is so fat he is going to start at NT was really funny but don't tell him I said anything nice about him).
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