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Default Re: An Apology to Arians! I Was Wrong!

Originally Posted by pczach View Post
Excuse me, but how many Super Bowls have the team with the "best quarterback ever" (Tom Brady) won in the last 7 years?

Answer: 0. Yes, that would mean ZERO!

How many last minute, game-winning drives has he had in the last 7 Super Bowls?

Answer: 0 again!

I think someone's theory may have some holes in it.

Since Ben and Eli Manning have entered thier prime years, they have won 4 of the last 7 Super Bowls. I would like an explanation for this obvious but never mentioned fact.
Ben's and Eli's teams have won 4 of the last 7 SBs. As far as how much contribution these 2 had in their respective wins, I will say that Ben's contribution was extremely poor compared to Eli's.
He threw a combined total of 1 TD pass and 3 INT in the 2 SBs he won.
Eli threw 3TD passes and 1 INT in the 2 SBs he won.

It's not even necessary to look at the QB ratings for these 4 SBs because the domination of Eli is even more obvious. Ben holds a record that will be very hard to beat : a QB rating of 22.6 in the SB against Seattle.
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