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Default Re: The Myth of Terry Bradshaw

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
steelfury, I keep explaining it - the Steelers don't want to be an offensive team, they want to remain a defensive team.

The reason the Steelers were successful against the Patriots in 2011 wasn't just about TOP, it was because they attacked a weakness. In the 2010 game against the Patriots, the Steelers did not attack a weakness, they played Marty ball - which resulted in Ben having to throw for close to 400 yards to make the game look closer than it was.

This season, the Steelers played close to the vest football. They wanted to keep the games close. They handcuffed Ben for the majority of the game, leaving the game up for grabs in the end. It was either Ben pulls a miracle out of his ass or the Steelers were screwed. Now, do the Patriots handcuff Brady? Do the Broncos handcuff Manning? Are those two teams constantly fretting over time of possession? Do those teams play Marty ball, or do they attack?

See, you want it both ways. You want Ben to be reduced to a game manager for the first 58 minutes of a game, and you want the Steelers to be a ball-control team. When that doesn't work, you want Ben to bail the Steelers out from their own stupidity every time. Doesn't work like that. Don't bitch about the lack of scoring output when you want the team to play in a shell.

Want more from Ben? Let him try to win the game early. Stop with the predictable play calling (run, run, pass) and stop fretting over time of possession.
I think TOP is coming from Tomlin not from Haley. Haley doesn't strike me as a TOP guy. I do not agree that Haley is handcuffing Ben. Handcuffing is too strong a word first of all and secondly it isn't about Ben.


It is not about Ben. It is about what is best for the team. The TOP thing has to be coming from Tomlin because he won't shut up about it.

Haley "handcuffing" Ben in the later games was because he takes something into account Arians did not... the weather.

Ben had 5 years under Arians to prove he could turn the Steelers into a high-scoring offense-first team and he didn't do it. it is over. Deal with it.

Tomlin is the guy who thinks Suisham can make 50+ yard kicks too. So that is on him.

Playing Leftwich with a broken rib is on Tomlin. Batch might not have won the first Ravens game but at least he had a shot.

I would put this season on Tomlin first, ST second, Roethlisberger third.

The offense is going back to pre-Arians. Deal with it.
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