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Default Re: Imagine that, Plax contributing to win

It's a no brainer and I don't see how Tomlin/Haley missed THAT TOO. Seems like this team is held back by no brainer decisions. Things like starting the correct RB, the correct WR's, punting to top punt returners, playing players that are too hurt to play, playing star players in pointless games like Week 17, etc. Stupid decisions hurt our team this year. Plax should have flew up the depth chart, not due to him being some Top 10 WR, but because our's can't catch shit and fumble when they do.

I'm not saying Plax is a long term solution, obviously he is not, but I'd be pretty nervous if he and Cotchery were gone and we only had the young money crew. The young money crew doesn't get open for Ben, they can't catch shit (except Brown) and they fumble constantly. So if the choice is between a fast guy who fumbles and drops it all the time or a 6'5 big target veteran WR with SB experience and great route running, isn't the decision obvious? The counter argument is that we need to develop our young WR's, but by the time Plax got here this year, Wallace had already proven he wasn't a #1 (if even a starter). He stunk it up all year and showed us nothing during the last half of last year. I would have even been in favor of starting Sanders over Wallace to see if Brown and Sanders could be a truly good #1/#2 combo, but he shit the bed too.

Let Wallace walk, let Sanders walk if he's looking for much money, and keep the vets around another year or two until we can draft a real #1 WR to play with A. Brown, who is already signed on as our #2 for the next 4 years.
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