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Default Nua to give his ring to his father.

Thats cool, I would probaly have done the samething!

Harrison may be naked with his???????

And the rest of the story!

(KDKA) PITTSBURGH The most closely held secret since the Steelers won the Super Bowl is about to be revealed.

But with less than 24 hours until they get their rings, none of the players are letting the cat out of the bag.

The team has been keeping the design of the ring a secret.

After their visit with the President Friday, reporters tried to pull it out of Jerome Bettis.

?They look great, they look great, they?re outstanding,? Bettis said.

At a celebrity charity softball game this afternoon, the teammates professed little knowledge about the rings.

?I know it will have diamonds on it, that's what we heard,? Defensive End Shaun Nua told KDKA.

They aren?t saying what the rings look like, but many know what they will do once they get theirs.

?I'm wearing mine for about the first two or three months everywhere I go if I ain't got nothing on but the ring, and after that I may put it away in a safe,? said James Harrison.

Nua says he?s giving his away to his father.

?He was one of the main people that motivated me since I was a little kid to play football and he believed that I could do it so if anyone deserves it, he deserves it.?
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