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Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
That's not up to Haley though, and probably not even up to Tomlin. Does anyone feel confident that management is willing to change its philosophies after an 8-8 season? The Steelers have tempted fate playing that style and have gotten away with it, this year it caught up to them.
The philosophies are not the issue. If you don't like the way the Rooneys run the team that is fine, but there is nothing the front office does that makes half your starters hurt half the season or turn the ball over constantly. If the offense holds onto the ball and the running game didn't suck, no one is considering turning the franchise upside down and start over. Despite being 8-8, they take care of the ball and they are playing this week.

Also I am not sure why you complain about 'yinzer nation' because they have even less or zero to do with the outcomes of these game. And thank god ownership doesn't listen to the fans.

Rooneys run a tight ship and probably only a couple other franchises have been so successful.
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