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Default Re: The Myth of Terry Bradshaw

Originally Posted by jiminpa View Post
And what you Ben groupies seem to forget is that Bradshaw liked to put the ball where his receivers could catch it. He ran Chuck Noll's offense by Chuck's gameplan, but called he called the plays. He wasn't easy to sack either, and he wasn't afraid to pull it down and run for a first down. I won't argue that Swann and Stalworth both belong in the HOF, as well as Rocky and Franco, and the line. What you BR fans don't dare face is that Bradshaw didn't resist handing the ball off and throwing it those men. He could throw long, and often threw short, and the receivers knew where the defense was by how Terry's pass traveled. Bradshaw was more interested in what worked than what he wanted to do, or his own stats, and he didn't have lie about it, the way our current, all stats, no points QB does. Bradshaw really did orchestrate the offense. Ben tries to and fails, and when he has had coordinators that are smart enough to recognize that Ben isn't smart he resists them and their efforts to move the ball on purpose rather than by luck.

Bradshaw contributed to championships, Ben has been dragged along for the ride, but takes the bow as if he is carrying the team without help. Yes, he has been key, in almost as many wins as he was key in losses. He could be a very good QB, but he has not yet been more of an asset than a liability to the team. He is selfish on the field and off, and given the choice will put himself above the team even in competition. He stands in and takes the hit because it accomplishes his goals. If he doesn't feel like hitting the wide open receiver for a first down, he holds the ball, or attempts the forced deep pass for an interception. No, he is not even close to Bradshaw's level.
If Bradshaw was so freaking accurate explain his 52% completion rate, better yet explain how he could throw 212 Ints to 210 TD. A man who "put the ball where his receivers could catch it" yet threw an INT for nearly every TD and completed a little over 1 of 2 passes he threw must of had some bad Receivers to do no better than that. Hater Hater Hater, it kills you and others that Ben is the best thing to happen to this team since Terry. You try to selectively remember all the former greats and their glory yet you either were not there or refuse to believe the ones who actually saw those greats play. Terry was good and he threw the best long ball ever, but he was notoriously inaccurate, fire bullets from short range that where nearly uncatchable, would throw into double, triple coverage and leave you sratching your head wondering WTF. We all know from too many that Ben has done nothing to contribute to this team since hes been here, furthermore its his fault we cant run the ball but at a 3.7 yd per clip, its his fault that the defense can no longer produce sacks or turnovers, its his fault that the ST play is so crappy, its also his fault that we had numerous injuries this year, its his fault he is not Peyton or Brady. If he was Brady or Peyton ya'll would be giving him hell for losing the last 3 SB hes been too, good night.
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