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Default Re: The Myth of Terry Bradshaw

I would have to respectfully disagree with the notion that the Todd Haley offense is ďMarty ball.Ē From what Iíve seen, it is more like the Ken Whisenhunt offense that he used when Tommy Maddox was the quarterback. In that offense, the quarterback is expected to stand in the pocket, and spread the ball around, using quick throws. It was an ideal offense for a quarterback like Maddox, but it doesnít suit the skill-set of Ben Roethlisberger, nor would it have been good for Bradshaw, since weíre talking about him, too.
During some series of downs, Todd Haley does use the ďMarty BallĒ run-run-pass, but thatís not all that he does. In the final Cleveland game, the Todd Haley offense looked a little better. Thatís not saying a lot against a team like the Browns, but it probably was enough to ensure him a second season as the Steelers OC. By next season, they will have made some player changes on offense, and the remaining players will have had more time to work on things. Itís a wait-and-see as to whether the Todd Haley offense comes around, or remains a flop.
This whole Todd Haley thing reminds me of the time when the Rooneys forced Chuck Knoll to take on Joe Walton as his offensive coordinator. The Walton passing offense was a complete change from the Tom Moore offense that had been in place for a while. The Steelers didnít have the players to run the Walton offense, and the team didnít pick it up. Of course, a lot of the problem was on Walton, because the offense was too complex for a football team to remember, and run. It had dozens of formations, and hundreds of plays. The Joe Walton stint with the Steelers is a story unto itself, but the situation is similar to what we have now with Todd Haley and it could end the same way, as a big mistake.
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