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Default Re: The scoring problem has nothing to do with the passing game

Originally Posted by Gnutella View Post
The Patriots also averaged half a YPC more (4.2) than the Steelers did (3.7). In fact, only three teams had fewer YPC than the Steelers did. Furthermore, the Steelers ranked 14th in the NFL in net passing yards, and the difference between them and the 10th-ranked team was a mere 196 yards. And this is all in spite of Roethlisberger missing three games. Moving the ball through the air was not a problem for the Steelers when he played. In fact, at the time of his injury, the Steelers ranked 10th in passing yards. The running game simply was not good this season, and is the main reason why the offense didn't score more.
If Tomlin had not decided that the Steelers were going to change philosophies when

he came to town; if he had not drafted "weapons" in place of linemen in a shift from

power football to a NE/Indy copycat offense centered around Ben; if the Steelers had

addressed the elephant in the room which was a deteriorated OLine; if the Steelers

had drafted more than 2 OL in 5 years on day 1; if the Steelers had decided early they

werent ok with Ben throwing 500 times a year and had drafted some linemen... then

we would not be having this conversation... the Steelers would be running the ball

not this Sunday but next with home-field advantage.
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