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Default Re: An Apology to Arians! I Was Wrong!

Originally Posted by ZoneBlitzer View Post
This begs the question of was there one common denominator involved? ie - Tomlin?

Arians at his worst was known for run, run, pass, punt. He was also was sickly infatuated with the 2.5 yard per play bubble screen. I've seen Haley call the same garbage. Is Tomlin vetoing? Is he saying no, let's pound it again up the gut? Lets do a bubble screen? The steelers have spent two years or so setting up the bubble screen so that they could fake it and throw to Heath, one of the best play calls of the year IMO.

I'll say this though. The Steelers last championship season featured the best complimentary and situational football that the team has ever played.
I think you're on to something here. I believe that more important than knowhow or ability are personal relationships. Specifically the relationships between Tomlin, Ariens, and Ben as well as that between Tomlin and the Rooneys have more to do with success than anything else.
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