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Default Re: The scoring problem has nothing to do with the passing game

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
I've been outspoken about his perceived attitude, and while I realize he's had a couple of great seasons - to me, he's equally had some hesitation and commitment issues - hence, doghouse twice in the time he's been here. For a first rounder, I'm just guessing here, the Steelers expected at least more commitment and less lack of focus. I just think we have a 50/50 chance of getting at least the same production out of someone else that is worth taking the risk of dropping some of the personality issues. Just my two cents.
Honestly I think Ray Lewis broke more than his shoulder blade. Mendenhall is hesitant and doesn't run with the determination of Redman. He still is talented enough to make plays. I don't think he is a great back but I think RB is a position that should be found later in drafts.

Mendenhall's personality issues involve his twitter account. I think people are blowing that way out of proportion. I could care less what he thinks. Tomlin is the one with a problem with Mendy. If Tomlin doesn't have a problem with him and he comes back I don't know why anyone else would.

There are a TON of bust RBs out there- Mendenhall isn't one of them. There is no guarantee that a RB will perform. Drafting one better than Mendenhall will be difficult and the pick is better spent elsewhere.

If I was Mendenhall I would be pissed. He is making less than 1M per year, hasn't had a leadblocking fullback, and gets nothing but crap in the media.

The NFL is full of guys with assaults, DUIs and drug possessions and fans hate Mendy because of his tweets....
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