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Default Re: The scoring problem has nothing to do with the passing game

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
Honestly I think Ray Lewis broke more than his shoulder blade. Mendenhall is hesitant and doesn't run with the determination of Redman. He still is talented enough to make plays. I don't think he is a great back but I think RB is a position that should be found later in drafts.

Mendenhall's personality issues involve his twitter account. I think people are blowing that way out of proportion. I could care less what he thinks. Tomlin is the one with a problem with Mendy. If Tomlin doesn't have a problem with him and he comes back I don't know why anyone else would.

There are a TON of bust RBs out there- Mendenhall isn't one of them. There is no guarantee that a RB will perform. Drafting one better than Mendenhall will be difficult and the pick is better spent elsewhere.

If I was Mendenhall I would be pissed. He is making less than 1M per year, hasn't had a leadblocking fullback, and gets nothing but crap in the media.

The NFL is full of guys with assaults, DUIs and drug possessions and fans hate Mendy because of his tweets....
I agree with you - its a catch 22 for me, which is why I said I think its a 50/50 toss up getting rid of Mendy and putting hope on an new unknown. I absolutely would not go high on a RB this draft - and I admit, I don't know enough of what's out there over the next couple of drafts to even truly speak about considering it next season or the season after. This is a bigger problem than most think - we absolutely need someone who can step up quick and take the pressure off Ben - we MIGHT have 5-6 seasons left with him - my guess is 3 to 4. I could be wrong - but some things are looking disheartening and in my own selfish viewpoint - I think becoming a father might have taken some of his desire out of it - anyways, back to RB

I wouldn't have a problem with the tweets if he didn't find himself in the doghouse, and hesitant. Everyone is going to have a bad game. And yes, I agree - I think Arians really messed him up on top of the injury and utilized him horribly (basically hardly got to practice during Arians tenure - an effing shame to do that to a 1st round pick)

It was also unfortunate that Mendy's welcome to the NFL moment was such a negative one. It is one thing to get absolutely blown up on a play - it's another to get sidelined so quickly before even having a chance. I'd imagine it takes quite a bit of mental fortitude to fight back from something that viscous, and still have the confidence to go full speed into a bunch of guys that want to annihilate you. I wouldn't be shocked if we kept him, and who knows, maybe this was the final straw that broke Mendy's BS - maybe he like the receivers have been humbled and humiliated enough this season.

We'll see, but we need a constant staple at RB that will take the pressure off
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