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Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
Bradshaw played 13 seasons. He had the best total defense in 2 of them.

Roethlisberger has played 9 seasons. He had the best total defense in 5 of them.

Roethlisberger has had 9 seasons with a top 10 defense. Bradshaw had 8 seasons with a top 10 defense. Roethlisberger had the better defense.

Bradshaw played 13 seasons. He had a top 10 offense 11 times. Bradshaw led the best offense in the NFL in 1979.

Roethlisberger has played 9 seasons. Roethlisberger has had a top 10 offense twice. He has never had a top 5 offense while Bradshaw led 5.

If you took away the 2 qbs awkward first years Bradshaw has a top 10 offense in 11 of 11 seasons and Ben has a top 10 offense in 1 of 7 seasons.

Keep telling me Ben is better than Terry.

Let's be honest about the talent difference between Bradshaw's teams and Ben's teams- it isn't much!

If you think Harris, Swann and Stallworth are light years ahead of Bettis, Miller and Ward then by all means- shit on the names of the players that brought the Steelers back to glory in SB XL and XLIII... it's what everyone else does... all in the name of Ben.
Bradshaw was allowed to take chances, thus his low completion rate, and his 1-1 ratio of TD to INTs, But the biggest reason the offense was so good and its the same thing that has hampered this team for years is the lack of a running game and in recent years the lack of creating turnovers.

Now I will just look at Terrys first 9 seasons(cause we do not know the future of Bens) and since you want to Cherry Pick and eliminate their first two seasons( very fair since Ben was 15-1 as a rookie and lead the team to the Superbbowl the second) of which the 70 and 71 Steelers were 21st and 17th of 26 teams at that time.

Lets look at the rushing we had starting in 72-78
Offense rank# Yards Rush Att. AVG Pass Att
72 #2 2520 497 5.1 324
73 #4 2143 555 3.9 309
74 #6 2417 546 4.4 386
75 #5 2633 581 4.5 337
76 #5 2971 653 4.5 192
77 #7 2258 581 3.9 314
78 #5 2297 641 3.6 368

Wow, just Wow, no wonder we had great teams back then we dominated the OL and had Backs who could get you yards, one year almost 3000 yards and all in 14 game season other than 78. Oh BTW in the 73 season the Steelers attempted 309 passes but Bradshaw only had 180, and the 74 season Bradshaw had 148 attempts , Gilliom and Hanratty were being tried out at times.

Easy to see why Terry LED a team in offense, I mean he called all those running plays and then after that it was 50-50 that it was going to be a catch or miss, or TD or INT. I watched those games every chance i could, I was not in Pittsburgh or in the region to watch every game, but we had papers and the occasionally game, I love Terry but to sugar coat his career to shed bad light on Ben is grasping for straws. TB was part of a great team, But just like today while other QB can do more than Ben it was so in the 70's. When we get a dominate OL and RBs we can return to the glory days of the 70's until then Ben will have to carry the load since there is no running game to speak of. BTW not much difference in Terrys team and Bens is there other than the lack of a run game.
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