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Default Re: The scoring problem has nothing to do with the passing game

Originally Posted by plenewken View Post
Steelers passing ranking:
2012: 14th in yds 8th in receiving TDs
2011: 10th 13th in TDs
2010: 14th 21th in TDs
2009: 9th 7th in TDs
2008: 17th 18th in TDs

Steelers running ranking:
2012: 26th in yds 27th in TDs
2011: 14th 15th in TDs
2010: 11th 8th in TDs
2009: 19th 20th in TDs
2008: 23th 11th in TDs

Steelers total pts scored
2012: 22th
2011: 21th
2010: 12th
2009: 12th
2008: 20th

Looks to me that regardless if Ben plays a full season or not, the Steelers' passing offense is still average.
Overall, passing or rushing doesn't matter, the Steelers haven't been able to put points on the board for many years.
You could be right, lets see if the running game is working than your QB does not have to pass as much, yet the offense scores more. A fing brilliant concept, why did we not think of it sooner. Oh snap, that what the Steelers did in the 70's I knew I learned that from somewhere.

Hey ya'll keep blaming Ben for the bad offense and keep giving Haley a free ride and the run game too, even the lack of TO created by the defense or the lack of an occasional game breaking ST play, I am sure you will be here next year when he plays good(NOT) yet stay away if he plays bad(once again NOT). I for one quit following game day threads because of the snide remarks even before games started, another sign that you will not even give him a chance. Hate is strong emotion continue to use the force.
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