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Default Re: The scoring problem has nothing to do with the passing game

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
I agree with you - its a catch 22 for me, which is why I said I think its a 50/50 toss up getting rid of Mendy and putting hope on an new unknown. I absolutely would not go high on a RB this draft - and I admit, I don't know enough of what's out there over the next couple of drafts to even truly speak about considering it next season or the season after. This is a bigger problem than most think - we absolutely need someone who can step up quick and take the pressure off Ben - we MIGHT have 5-6 seasons left with him - my guess is 3 to 4. I could be wrong - but some things are looking disheartening and in my own selfish viewpoint - I think becoming a father might have taken some of his desire out of it - anyways, back to RB

I wouldn't have a problem with the tweets if he didn't find himself in the doghouse, and hesitant. Everyone is going to have a bad game. And yes, I agree - I think Arians really messed him up on top of the injury and utilized him horribly (basically hardly got to practice during Arians tenure - an effing shame to do that to a 1st round pick)

It was also unfortunate that Mendy's welcome to the NFL moment was such a negative one. It is one thing to get absolutely blown up on a play - it's another to get sidelined so quickly before even having a chance. I'd imagine it takes quite a bit of mental fortitude to fight back from something that viscous, and still have the confidence to go full speed into a bunch of guys that want to annihilate you. I wouldn't be shocked if we kept him, and who knows, maybe this was the final straw that broke Mendy's BS - maybe he like the receivers have been humbled and humiliated enough this season.

We'll see, but we need a constant staple at RB that will take the pressure off
Yeah I agree that another RB should probably be added.

In all honesty if it was my show I'd probably get rid of Dwyer, and Batch and try again.

Dwyer gets gassed and can't handle a load, and Batch is Rainey lite without the return duty.

I would like to see Haley develop Rainey into a 3rd down RB.

Mendenhall can do everything well. I hope he comes back.

Mendenhall is good all around. Redman is good at short yardage. Rainey is a threat to break one long after a catch. Add another RB on the second day in the draft and hope for the best.
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