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Default Re: All these ditch Ben threads

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
I've read despise and hate magically inserted into my bitching. Flat out criticizing is not despising, nor is it hate. I love Ben's style of play, however, I want to see more progression out of him than he's shown. He is capable as has demonstrated in flashes. It certainly wouldn't hurt to add more depth to his repertoire or for him to be more accepting of other lines of thinking.

He is outright bitching about not getting his way, well - some of us think his way isn't always the best. That's about it. No hate or despising about it.

Despise - that would happen if he is found to have gotten in trouble, yet again. That stuff I despise. I wasn't there, so I wouldn't really know - but if it happens enough times - then we can talk about those strong words.
If you feel you need to criticize his personality or his demeanor, than I will not debate, cause he is human and subject to shortcomings. You want to talk about his bad play and I will debate you also but I see his shortcomings on the field as well. But if you come on the forums and but all the blame on Ben and/or do not acknowledge his contributions to this team even now and in the past then yes, I will debate. If you compare other teams QB past and present and do not present all the facts then yes I will dig up the complete story. My post was to point out that it is easy to say I have B&G glasses because of my fandom for the Steelers and him, but if you have a personal hate for a person its is just as easy to overlook any good. Criticism is not hate, but hate can be disguised as criticism.
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