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Default Re: The scoring problem has nothing to do with the passing game

Originally Posted by Ricco Suavez View Post
You could be right, lets see if the running game is working than your QB does not have to pass as much, yet the offense scores more. A fing brilliant concept, why did we not think of it sooner. Oh snap, that what the Steelers did in the 70's I knew I learned that from somewhere.

Hey ya'll keep blaming Ben for the bad offense and keep giving Haley a free ride and the run game too, even the lack of TO created by the defense or the lack of an occasional game breaking ST play, I am sure you will be here next year when he plays good(NOT) yet stay away if he plays bad(once again NOT). I for one quit following game day threads because of the snide remarks even before games started, another sign that you will not even give him a chance. Hate is strong emotion continue to use the force.
Why don't you give the defense a break? Talking about their turnovers! Shame!

Steelers D has been in the top 10 in yards allowed and points allowed every year Ben has been in the league... and now they are getting older and you have the nerve to blame the D the first time they show they are human! Shaaaaaame!

Is it the same defense it was 3 years ago? Nope. Not nearly as good. Polamalu is getting older and Harrison is likely gone. They can't carry the D so now the D can't carry Ben. But you know what? They shouldn't have to.

How about the "top 5 quarterback" puts up one top 5 offense some time in the near future? He is going to have to do it in spite of his coordinators- they are only holding him back.

"Dear Steelers #1 Defense, you aren't doing enough. Please cause more turnovers and hold everyone to ten points a game. That way our quarterback can actually win games. He doesn't do so well if you score more than 20. Sincerely, a concerned fan."
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