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Default Re: An Apology to Arians! I Was Wrong!

Originally Posted by Ricco Suavez View Post
It is now fact, I can't debate anymore. The defense has won every game and Ben has just been along for the ride, I mean its a shame that Kordell could not have been around to reap these benefits. I would of Loved to have seen O'Donnell have some of that pie too. Can you Imagine if Malone had a defense like this behemoth we have now. I was so wrong is thinking that QB had anything to do with the team wins ,just the losses, I feel so stupid, I now see the light. Thank you O' Wise ones, your words and reason are without peer.
Kordell made 2 AFC Championships and Neil made a SB (and how many playoff games did Mike !@#$%^& Tomczak make?!), so...

They certainly did reap some benefits.

Ben's clearly the guy who got the Steelers over the top (TWICE---thank God!), but he has benefitted from a solid situation. It's not unfair to say as such.

That said and as far as comparisons go: he's more Troy Aikman than Joe Flacco.
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