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Default Re: The scoring problem has nothing to do with the passing game

I am sorry , I was talking team needs, like the need for effective rushing, some ST plays that actually help the team and not hamper. The defense is not immune to criticism or is that just for the offense and the QB position. We are 24th in the league in TO differential at -10, we have had only one defensive score this year and none on ST, LLoyd you are the one who ponied out the Chicago offense in earlier threads but they had 9 TDs by the defense and ST. I am willing to except the offense was a problem, I am willing to accept that Ben was part of that problem this year, why can't ya'll accept that the defense while #1 in yards and scoring still failed at plays that are game changers, and that the run game was anemic. BTW that elite carp is gettin old, I do not come here every thread touting Ben as elite. I do not compare Ben to Brady or Peyton yet its the only assessment that can make nay sense of your arguments. Why do you not post a rebuttal to the Bradshaw myth, facts scare you dont they.
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