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Default Re: All these ditch Ben threads

Originally Posted by Ricco Suavez View Post
If you feel you need to criticize his personality or his demeanor, than I will not debate, cause he is human and subject to shortcomings. You want to talk about his bad play and I will debate you also but I see his shortcomings on the field as well. But if you come on the forums and but all the blame on Ben and/or do not acknowledge his contributions to this team even now and in the past then yes, I will debate. If you compare other teams QB past and present and do not present all the facts then yes I will dig up the complete story. My post was to point out that it is easy to say I have B&G glasses because of my fandom for the Steelers and him, but if you have a personal hate for a person its is just as easy to overlook any good. Criticism is not hate, but hate can be disguised as criticism.
A. I've stated I loved what he did when he took the league by storm
B. I've stated in the same breath that while I think he is one tough SOB, and maybe the toughest QB I've ever watched in modern football, I don't believe that will carry him any farther. I believe he needs to evolve and buy in to some other people and ideas that are there for a reason. I believe he doesn't have the right answers. There is no hate included with that assessment - I simply think this is a turning point in his career, and what helped him achieve greatness, is not the same recipe that will help him sustain and/or increase it.
C. I've also stated that while I love him as our QB, I think in general he doesn't seem like a likable guy. If he is a great fantastic person and everything that everyone has said about him is untrue, then I think he needs to do himself a favor and just not talk to the media a whole lot. It only feeds into the supposed rumors about him and accusations towards him.

I grew up on the if it looks like shit, smells like shit, it usually is . . . philosophy. I can't assume to know Ben, but I know i don't like what I hear from him, nor do I like what others have been saying about him, and accusing him of. This is why it is extremely easy to criticize his game - on top of his past wrongs, he seems to be above everyone else and doesn't need help - he seems ego-crazy and a genuine jerk. Sorry, but that's what he is portraying. Maybe he likes to have fun with the media and fans - but then again, what type of person would want to portray themselves that way - even if it was a big joke? When this personality comes out when something is going to affect his control, and in my assessment - ego, it only backs up what many think about it. Gutsy QB, one of the best ever, but a real jerk, who actually could have been better if he would have stopped thinking so highly of himself and above others.

I have a ton of shortcomings, and I've acknowledged his accomplishments plenty. He isn't getting some special gold star for being a millionaire and contributing to charities, which, I think any good person should do anyways - that doesn't mask the reputation - true or false as it is - he gained by his own doings.
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