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Default Re: The scoring problem has nothing to do with the passing game

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
The previous 3 three seasons were better than 2012.

As for the 2009 season, the offense ranked 12th. While the offense certainly wasn't blameless, that year was known for the defense blowing 4th quarter leads.

Funny though, because after the 2009 season Artie started getting involved and making more demands about what he wanted to see from the offense - and the offense has been worse ever since. Maybe the organization should have wondered why the defense was blowing 4th quarter leads instead of pretending the offense was the main culprit of that season.
^ This is a complete fabrication!

Haley's offense was 55% in the redzone. The previous 3 offenses were 52%, 50% and 48%. Haley was marginally better but how much do you expect him to improve with the same quarterback?

The top redzone percentages by far belonged to NE, NO, GB all around 70%. WASH was 4th with 60%. So it was NE, NO, GB and then everyone else.

What do NE, NO, GB have in common? You guessed it! Genius offensive coordinators scheming for victory!

NE, NO and GB lead the majority of offensive statistical categories for a reason - they have the best coordinators! Hire those guys!

Good for Artie! He needs to get involved but you're wrong about his input. Artie wants a more conservative offense with a running attack. His patience wore out with Arians' refusal to implement such an offense.

If Haley wants to keep his job he will establish a running game.

2008 was the last year Roethlisberger averaged less than 30 throws per game. 2008 was the last year the Steelers won a superbowl. The only other previous year that Roethlisberger threw more than 30 times per game was 2006 when the Steelers missed the playoffs.

Ben is 55-10 lifetime when he throws fewer than 30 times in a game.

Ben needs to throw more! Ben is too elite for winning!
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