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Default Re: The scoring problem has nothing to do with the passing game

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
"Elite" Ben Roethlisberger in the Arians Offense. Steelers open up the field and the offense for him to let him shine...

2007: 65.3% 32 TD. 11 INT. 3124 Yds.

Seems good right? Well...

2008: 17 TD. 15 INT. 3301 yds
2009*: 26 TD. 12 INT. 4328 yds.
2010: 17 TD. 5 INT. 3200 yds.
2011: 21 TD. 14 INT. 4077 yds.

*- Steelers Miss the Postseason.

2007 was the only year Ben was voted to the Pro Bowl. In 2011, he got in only because Brady stepped out. Mediocrity. Thy name is Roethlisberger.

So let's check this out. Five Years in the same vertical passing game offense and Ben has not only failed to improve or match his first year (2007), but has declined considerably. 2008 was the most telling. 2009, the best of those years? The Steelers missed the playoffs. Coincidentally that year the Defense was not on top of their game. The other years, the Steelers Defense was ranked near the best in the league most of these years.

Let's go back further to the Whisenhunt Years. The guy Ben hated so much for supposedly "gimping" him.

2004: 17 TD, 11 INT. 2621 Yds
2005: 17 TD, 9 INT. 2385 Yds.
2006: 18 TD, 23 INT. 3513 Yds.

Not much of a change if you ask me from his production under Arians, minus that lone bright spot in 2007. So what's the difference? More Yards, I guess. We all know what happened in 2006. Motorbike Accident, Appendectomy, Concussion. It affected his play considerably. What does Ben do? He takes it out on Whisenhunt and blames him. He should be blowing these statistics out of the park if Whis was holding him back from greatness, instead he improves by just a little. Now he throws a bit more Touchdowns per season. Wow. Look out NFL. Ben's been unshackled and he's taking the league by storm!
Ben threw 170 more times in 2006 than he ever had previously. That is why he had much bigger numbers like 1 extra touchdown and 14 extra interceptions.
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