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Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
I don't know why you are tearing down Terry to build Ben up. The poor guy worked within his team doing the best he could to get 4 superbowls and he never consistently had as good a defense as Ben's.

You failed to list the only season where the Steelers were first in scoring and yards, 1979. Terry was second in passing by less than 300 yards to Coryell's famous "Air Coryell" Chargers putting up 3655 yards. The rushing offense added 2603 yards also good for second best. The offense was first in total yards and points with 26 per game.

The only time in Steelers history they have led the NFL in total yards or points and they did it in the same year! The greatest Steelers offense ever! Ter-ry! Ter-ry! Ter-ry!
Ben has more talent and ability than Terry ever had - and that is saying a lot, because Terry was in fact one of the best ever.

Come on Ben . . . roll up that Rosetta Stone . . .it'll open your mind, maaaan . . .

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