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Default Re: Brandon Jacobs?

Getting a "Ryan Matthews" would involve drafting a rb in the first round. That is a waste of a pick and Ryan Matthews isn't that good. Mendenhall is better than most of the 1st round running backs since 2001. Just look at all the busts!

List of 1st round running backs. I stole this from the Bengals website.

2001 Draft:
5. LaDainian Tomlinson, Texan Christian, 5'10" 215lbs
Best Season: 348carries, 1815yards, 28tds, 5.2ypc. 8 1000+ yard seasons.
Average Season: 288carries, 1244yards, 13tds, 4.3ypc

23. Duece McAllister, Mississippi, 6'1" 232lbs(8 seasons)
Best Season: 351carries, 1641yards, 8tds, 4.7ypc. 4 1000+ yard seasons.
Average Season: 178carries, 762yards, 6tds, 4.3ypc

27. Michael Bennett, Wisconsin, 5'9" 205lbs(10 seasons)
Best Season: 255carries, 1296yards, 5tds, 5.1ypc. 1 1000+ yard season.
Average Season: 84carries, 307yards, 1td, 4.4ypc

2002 Draft:
16. William Green, Boston College, 6'0" 217lbs(4 seasons)
Best Season: 243carries, 887yards, 6tds, 3.7ypc.
Average Season: 142carries, 527yards, 2tds, 3.7ypc

18. TJ Duckett, Michigan State, 6'0" 254lbs(7 seasons)
Best Season: 197carries, 779yards, 11tds, 4.0ypc
Average Season: 89carries, 351yards, 5tds, 3.9ypc

2003 Draft:
23. Willis McGahee, Miami, 6'0" 235lbs
Best Season: 294carries, 1207yards, 7tds, 4.1ypc. 4 1000+ yard seasons.
Average Season: 223carries, 920yards, 7tds, 4.1ypc

27. Larry Johnson, Penn State, 6'1" 235lbs(8 seasons)
Best Season: 336carries, 1750yards, 20tds, 5.2ypc. 2 1000+ yard seasons.
Average Season: 177carries, 787yards, 7tds, 4.4ypc

2004 Draft:
24. Steven Jackson, Oregon State, 6'2" 240lbs
Best Season: 346carries, 1528yards, 13tds, 4.4ypc. 7 1000+yard seasons.
Average Season: 267carries, 1136yards, 6tds, 4.3ypc

26. Chris Perry, Michigan, 6'0" 224lbs(4 seasons)
Best Season: 104carries, 269yards, 2tds, 2.6ypc
Average Season: 44carries, 151 yards, 3.4ypc

30. Kevin Jones, Virginia Tech, 6'0" 225lbs (5 seasons)
Best Season: 241carries, 1133yards, 5tds, 4.7ypc. 1 1000+ yard season.
Average Season: 159carries, 635yards, 5tds, 4.0ypc

2005 Draft:
4. Cedric Benson, Texas, 5'11" 227lbs
Best Season: 301carries, 1251yards, 6tds, 4.2ypc. 3 1000+ yard seasons.
Average Season: 218carries, 824yards, 4tds, 3.8ypc

2006 Draft:
2. Reggie Bush, USC, 6'0" 213lbs
Best Season: 216carries, 1086yards, 6tds, 5.0ypc. 1 1000+ yard season.
Average Season: 123carries, 529yards, 4tds, 4.3ypc

21. Laurence Maroney, Minnesota, 5'11" 220lbs(5 seasons)
Best Season: 185carries, 835yards, 6tds, 4.5ypc
Average Season: 123carries, 417yards, 3tds, 4.1ypc

27. DeAngelo Williams, Memphis, 5'9" 217lbs
Best Season: 273carries, 1515yards, 18tds, 5.5ypc. 2 1000+ yard seasons.
Average Season: 166carries, 841yards, 6tds, 5.1ypc

30. Joseph Addai, LSU, 5'11" 214lbs
Best Season: 261carries, 1072yards, 12tds, 4.1ypc
Average Season: 182carries, 742yards, 6tds, 4.1ypc

2007 Draft:
7. Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma, 6'1" 217lbs
Best Season: 363carries, 1760yards, 10tds, 4.8ypc. 5 1000+ yard seasons.
Average Season: 281carries, 1350yards, 13tds, 4.8ypc

12. Marshawn Lynch, California, 5'11" 215lbs
Best Season: 285carries, 1204yards, 12tds, 4.2ypc. 3 1000+ yard seasons.
Average Season: 227carries, 908yards, 7tds, 4.0ypc

2008 Draft:
4. Darren McFadden, Arkansas, 6'2" 210lbs
Best Season: 223carries, 1157yards, 7tds, 5.2ypc. 1 1000+ yard season.
Average Season: 138carries, 656yards, 4tds, 4.8ypc

13. Jonathan Stewart, Oregon, 5'10" 235lbs
Best Season: 221carries, 1133yards, 10tds, 5.1ypc. 1 1000+ yard season.
Average Season: 181carries, 875yards, 6tds, 4.8ypc

22. Felix Jones, Arkansas, 5'10" 217lbs
Best Season: 185carries, 800yards, 1td, 4.3ypc
Average Season: 114carries, 581yards, 2tds, 5.1ypc

23. Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois, 5'10" 225lbs
Best Season: 324 carries, 1273yards, 13tds, 3.9ypc. 2 1000+ yard seasons.
Average Season: 203carries, 841yards, 7tds, 4.1ypc

24. Chris Johnson, East Carolina, 5'11" 191lbs
Best Season: 358carries, 2006yards, 14tds, 5.6ypc. 4 1000+ yard seasons.
Average Season: 296carries, 1411yards, 9tds, 4.8ypc

2009 Draft:
12. Knowshon Moreno, Georgia, 5'11" 200lbs
Best Season: 247carries, 947yards, 7tds, 3.8ypc
Average Season: 155carries, 635yards, 4tds, 4.1ypc

27. Donald Brown, U.Conn, 5'10" 210lbs
Best Season: 134carries, 645yards, 5tds, 4.8ypc
Average Season: 113carries, 474yards, 3tds, 4.2ypc

31. Beanie Wells, Ohio State, 6'2" 229lbs
Best Season: 245carries, 1047yards, 10tds, 4.3ypc. 1 1000+ yard season.
Average Season: 179carries, 745carries, 6tds, 4.2ypc

2010 Draft:
9. CJ Spiller, Clemson, 5'11" 197lbs
Best Season: 107carries, 561yards, 4tds, 5.2ypc
Average Season: 90carries, 422yards, 2tds, 4.7ypc

12. Ryan Mathews, Fresno State, 6'0" 218lbs
Best Season: 222carries, 1091yards, 6tds, 4.9ypc. 1 1000+ yard season.
Average Season: 190carries, 884yards, 6tds, 4.7ypc

30. Jahvid Best, California, 5'10" 199lbs
Best Season: 171carries, 555yards, 4tds, 3.2ypc
Average Season: 127carries, 472yards, 3tds, 3.7ypc

My criteria to be considered worth your first round selection: average 200+ carries, and/or 800+yards, at least 4.0ypc, and 6tds per season. I didn't include receiving yards since the main job of a running back is to run the ball.

I made an exception for Deuce McAllister because the 4 seasons he saw real action he dominated.

Key Take-aways:
-There were 28 running backs taken in the 1st round of the last 10 drafts.
-11 of the 28 backs taken in the first round lived up to their pick. That's roughly 39%.
-There were 6 running backs taken in the top10, only 2 lived up to their pick(Peterson, Tomlinson)
-The average pick of a 1st round running back is 19th.
-Only 1 successful 1st round running back was taken from the SEC, 4 total.
-The average size of a 1st round running back is 5'11" 219lbs. The average successful running back is 5'11" 221lbs.
-5 of the 11 successful 1st round running backs are at least 6'0" tall. Only one is under 5'10".
-Only 1 successful 1st round running back is under 215lbs, but there are 8 total.
-The average, average season of a 1st round running back is 165carries, 729yards, 5tds, 4.4ypc. The successful 1st running back averages 227carries, 1015yards, 8tds, 4.5ypc.
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