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Default Re: An Apology to Arians! I Was Wrong!

Originally Posted by Ricco Suavez View Post
I think Luck could be in that group of Special Players such as Peyton, Brady, Marino, but lets not crown him after one season. But to my eyes and as a rookie he is special, only solidifies the opinion of nearly every NFL guru before the draft. RGII has put up numbers like no rookie before and consistent too, yet, he has played only one season, lets see how he does in the years to come. i have heard only one or two detractors for RGIII and they both say the same thing and that is the system has been limited and RGIII does not go through his progressions like he should, the Redskin running game (and RGII is part of that ) is one of the best in the league. Example when we played them we stopped the run and while flashes of his game were present he did not do near as much as in other games. Wilson, well what can you say, I wanted the Steelers to draft him if possible,(size be damned, I wanted Flutie too) I had already heard how smart this kid was and I had watched him enough top like what I saw. But lets see what their future has in store.
Yeah I remember someone was talking up Wilson. Good call! Too bad the front office doesn't listen to us fans. I remember someone promoting Kirk Cousins as well. He has been good in limited action.

RGIII is playing within a system and people say that like its a bad thing. Isn't it hard enough to win games without trying to win a certain way? Good for RGIII to do what is necessary to win. When he becomes more experienced they might open the offense for him but I don't think that is necessary if it works.

Luck to me is overhyped. He put up a lot of yards because he threw an unbelievable amount of times. Still, he did place some REALLY nice throws and he is getting the bad ones out of the way early. Nothing is going to give the kid experience like throwing the ball 600 times.
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