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Default Re: The Myth of Terry Bradshaw

Originally Posted by Ricco Suavez View Post
Hey now just because I used Terry to show that Ben does not have ALL the talent around him, make no mistake Terry Bradshaw was talented, it was just a different time and a different game, (thanks Goodell) Terry did what he had to to win, Chuck Noll was an original hard nose HC , who believed in hardnosed football. While Terry was erratic at times, made some bone head plays, and like I said leave you scratching your head, he would pull out some of the most beautiful deep passes to strike quick. We were a pounder of the rock as the numbers show , but Terry was able to hit enough of those deep beauties to keep most defenses honest. And Lloyd it was not intention to tear down Terry, I was making a point that we were a different kind of team then and while I enjoyed those years and would love to see them again I do not believe another team can duplicate that style with that kind of success. Bashers of Ben do not view his body of work with any kind of rationale when comparing Ben to Terry. For example Jack Lambert was my favorite Steeler (surprised a bunch with that statement I bet) But to compare him to a Timmons or Woodley would not be fair to any party. Lambert was undersized but had the heart of a warrior, yet I wonder if today if he could even make any team, while with Timmons and Woodley size in the 70s would or should of been dominant. Different eras.
I think Lambert would have made the team. London Fletcher has the body of a trucker (apologies to present company if I have offended anyone) and he is one of the best lbs in the game. Sam Mills comes to mind as well. Farrior played at 218 and went to the Probowl in 08.
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