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Default Re: The Myth of Terry Bradshaw

Originally Posted by 4xSBChamps View Post
yeah, Bradshaw may've had a 1:1 ratio of TD to interceptions, and only had a 52% completion rate, but the game was completely different then
I believe Noll's philosophy was 'when you throw the ball, throw it to do-damage', not dunk-n-dink

if Jon Kolb, Sam Davis, Mike Webster, Gerry Mullins & Larry Brown were able to legally hold pass-rushers, Bradshaw would've had more-time to throw the ball accurately

despite the game being much-quicker today, the game was more violent in those days, without fear of reprisals from the League
the hit Larry Cole put on Bradshaw in SB10 would result in instant death (and an extra draft-pick to the Cheatriots*) under Ms. Goodell, had it happened under her watch

after his tumultuous 1974 season (losing his job, and I believe his first marriage dissolved), Bradshaw never complained again, nor drew attention to himself
when Joe Turkey Jones spiked him 1976, Bradshaw kept his mouth shut (no 'near-death' comments were made), re-habbed himself, and helped Kruzek learn the offense

plus, Shanklin, Lewis, Swann & Stallworth ran through the defensive secondary for much of Bradshaw's career with their heads on a swivel, as the bump-n-run was prevalent, and clothes-line hits were common-place
with Bradshaw's rifle-arm, what kind-of numbers do you think those receivers would put-up in today's 'basketball-on-turf' mentality?

Bradshaw, in his prime, would be just as-comfortable and just as-dangerous playing in today's watered-down version of the NFL as Brady, either of Archie's boys, Rogers, Brees, etc.
to think otherwise is foolish
like I said, different eras, no way to accurately compare Ben to Terry or vice versa. With Ben having the running game and the OL of Terry team I am sure his numbers would not ha luster of today in yards, TDs, and percentage.. While on the other hand Terry would not benefit from the protection of that quality of OL and the ability to run the ball. I do not hesitate to think that both could of interchanged and had a successful career.
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