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Default Re: All these ditch Ben threads

Like I said I m not going to debate his character, you have your opinion and I can not make you change off of that. I used the word condemnation instead of criticize for a reason, that being is criticism is not a bad word, people can withstand criticism and can even learn and improve from constructive criticism. Condemnation on the other hand indicates that Ben has been condemned and not just criticized, example Bens play up to this point in his career has been not only criticized but condemned as not even worthy of mentioning. His accomplishments are given no weight as to the success of the Steelers during his career and I for one think that is just wrong and crazy. I know others post of Bens exploits to the point of bringing some of this on him but do not blame him for that . Dont like him as a person, put him way down on your wish list of QBs you want, just give the man some due to his efforts on the field. I personally did not like Porters antics on or off the field, he was not always a factor in games, but I never misconstrued his part as valued member of a Superbowl team.
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