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Default Re: All these ditch Ben threads

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
Brady, Brees, Manning, and Rodgers can sling the ball around and their teams win, their teams are successful when they throw the ball because they are truly the Elite QB's. They WIN despite throwing the ball a lot and putting up statistics.

So why aren't the Steelers winning when they let Ben throw the ball around every week? Why is the offense still mediocre even after they "opened it up"? Simple. Because Ben is not in their class. He is who he is. He is better suited to be a game manager who rose to the occasion when called for it. Ever notice that ever since the Steelers opened up the offense, the "Ben Magic" started to fade?

You know who else was a great Game Manager? Joe Montana. No one won better than him. Not saying Ben is Joe Montana, but simply put, he is who he is.
You think the Haley offense should be considered "opened up?" I didn't know ball control and run, run, pass was "opened up." I mean, I guess it was like that in the last 2 minutes of the game when they needed Ben to bail them out from their own stubbornness.
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