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Default Re: Mike Wallace Has Likely Played His Last Game For The Steelers

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
As much as I love Wallace, there's better overall receivers in this draft than Wallace. Sure, speed kills, but he seemed to lose his hands over the course of this year and that can't happen. Guys like Patterson, Woods, Rogers and Patton are all better receivers than Wallace and they haven't played a down of NFL football. They're better route runners and have reliable hands but don't have the blinding speed that Wallace does which is made up for by the fact that all of them (save for Patterson) were doubled a lot of the time but found a way to get open.

We don't need Wallace as badly as we think we do, especially if he's going to continue to drop balls and under achieve.

Also, those commenting about Brown having a low TD count - he wasn't the redzone target. Heath and Wallace were the redzone priorities and, well, you can't cover Heath in the redzone so throwing to AB become unnecessary. He didn't have any long TDs because our offense is 'dink and dunk', which most of you are loving. So, you can't have it both ways. Either we open up our book and use our receivers effectively and for the reasons why they were drafted, or we continue to do this bullshit variation of a West Coast offense and waste the receiving talent we have.
Remember how excited everyone was for Lima Sweed? You can't say that any college reciever is better then Wallace because you have no clue how they will play in the NFL. There are many, many player every year who excel in college then are busts in the NFL
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