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Default Re: Ben admits he rushed back too soon

Originally Posted by Twentyvalve View Post
I knew he was hurt. He came back too soon as usual. This is getting old. The FO needs to address this. If he gets hurt next year, which chances are he will, they need to sit him. A week beyond the point at which he is cleared to return and wants to.

Ben playing injured is costing us games, and in this case, possible runs to the SB. We need a steady OL, and a dependable, young and capable QB. Anything else and we will be saying the same thing next year.
Did you see how our backups played? They were awful, it was a miracle we won the Baltimore game. The offensive output was painful. An injured Ben was our best option to win, and it just didn't happen. Maybe Lefty will be ok, I think his poor play was due to the injury he suffered during the game and he actually has an arm. But Batch is toast and has been for 2 years now.
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