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Default Re: American Horror Story - season 2

I absolutely loved "The Name Game" musical number in the dayroom, albeit it being in Sister Jude's head, but I really like that kind of stuff. It was a fantastic juxtaposition to the darkness of the show.

So Pepper is Grace and her baby's protector. I'm still confused over the whole alien thing.

The female on male rape scene was disturbing. Yikes!

Sister Jude blabbing her thoughts to Mother Superior was all kinds of LOLZ.

Arden really did love Sister Mary Eunice and I thought he was going to "ya know," too, Canada.

Thredson still gives me the creeps. No Bloody Face, Jr., this week, but next week.

This show is so cray cray. Both Lily Rabe and Jessica Lange were outstanding in tonight's episode.
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