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Default Re: Cardinals request to interview Todd Haley

I want Haley to stay.... I've seen Haley run offenses... he did it for a very untalented KC team and out coached a vastly more talented Mike Tomlin led steeler team. Even this season when our offense was healthy we looked pretty good. It wasnt' until the injuries and turnovers started that we could no longer score points. Facts are facts...when Ben returned from injury our offense imploded. We looked significantly better with Batch at QB...then with Ben the last few weeks.

I also think the plan going into the season was for us to run the ball. That was Mike Tomlin's plan as much as it was Haley's plan. When the running game failed...the offense struggled...then ultimately imploded when Ben imploded. The fumbling didn't help matters. So it would be really premature to say Haley isn't a capable coach.

Hopefully next season Ben gets behind Haley's system and our O-line stays healthy..... If those two things happen I see no reason why we don't go deep in the playoffs. If we can run the ball... those deep passing plays that Ben so badly wants to run will open up. It takes time to build the efficient style offense that Haley wants to bring. Ben fought it from the start... maybe this off season he'll see the light?
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