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Default Re: Will James Harrison Be Back In 2013?

Originally Posted by Quackjack View Post
Link? Good new for me, I want him back but not at prima donna money.

This is what needs to happen. Everyone is so quick to say good bye to Harrison because his sack numbers are down... what people are failing to see is his ability to stuff runs. Teams don't run at Harrison.... when they do it typically ends up being a loss of yards. That's huge for a defense...if you can take away that much of their game just from Harrison being on the much easier is it for Dick Lebeau to execute his game plan?

As for Harrison I think it would be smart for him to take a pay cut... he'll still make the $ he wants... and he'll get to end his career were he wants. It's pretty clear Harrison looks up to DL. A new contract makes sense for both parties. I think Harrison stays.
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