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Default Re: Will James Harrison Be Back In 2013?

Lets not forget there are plenty of other places to free up $.

We've got some aging vets that are still good... but want to retire as a steeler... those players will likely take pay cuts to finish their careers in Pittsburgh. The guys that are likely goners are the guys looking for their pay day... so say goodbye to Wallace, Lewis, Mendenhall.

Most of the savings can be found with restructured deals for guys like Ben, Woodley, Timmons, Troy, and Harrison. Then add the $ freed up by the departures of Wallace, Starks, Mendenhall...and possibly Hampton and Foote. I think we'll be running this offseason just like we always run our off season. Very few FA signings... a handful of restructured deals, and a solid draft.

I think we need to target a RB and ILB in this draft. We also need depth on the D-line and probably a starting corner back. Add these moves with a healthy 2nd season for DeCastro, Mike Adams... a healthy Gilbert, Colon, and Spence... I think we look pretty good.

Also I dont think Heath Millers salary counts against our cap if he's on the IR next season. IMO we need a playmaker on offense - don't care if it's a RB or WR... we need one. We also need help at corner if Lewis leaves... which I see happening.
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